Lorena's fashion style....

Lorena's elegance and innate style have often found a natural connection as an ambassador for fashion and luxury brands. The image of an artist always being important. Fashion is, along with art and culture, the expression of our society. Every outfit is like a costume on the stage of life!

This month, what did Lorena wear for her last events?

As Master of Ceremonies for “State of Grace,” she wore a precious diamond and sapphire set from the famous French jewelry brand Cesare Pompanon. This with an elegant total look from Teodora Milano by Francesca Partesi, a 100% Made in Italy brand, with a sparkling sequin dress and a long ruby-colored velvet and cashmere coat.

As a guest for “Ça va l'faire” on TVMonaco she chose a sparkling and glamorous fuchsia-colored jumpsuit by Alessandra Aiardo, who showed in Paris and Milan, with very beautiful jewelry by Pasquale Bruni, the brand of all the stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow or Lady Gaga…

Currently it is Elena Minello from the Temps & Passion boutique in Monaco who selects all her jewelry.

While Flavia Cannata, CEO of Alwaysupportalent, created all the styling of the outfits.

Finally, the photos to illustrate the publication of her book about her Rose Garden entitled "La Roseraie de l'etoile Lorena Baricalla" were taken with a dress created by Eles Italia by Silvia and Stefania Loriga. Made up of a multitude of tiny pale pink roses, it’s a truly ideal dress for this!

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