The Backstage of Cannes and Friends Ep. 1!

Discover our backstage at “CANNES and FRIENDS”!
We don’t need to be “the Persuaders” to invite you to join us!

Discover why by watching the full episode on Lorena Baricalla YouTube Channel!
An interesting conversation full of harmony, creativity and colors!

“Cannes and Friends” is the new Talk Show hosted by ballet star, singer, actress Lorena Baricalla with luxury lifestyle influencer Yulia Berisset Yulia Cvetkova and journalist Nina Vélez-Troya Anquela, owner at Red Ivory Mag, with the participation in this Episode 1 of Jelena Mandic, jewels designer at UriJell, Miss Universe Serbia.
With Production Director Tino Genovese and Communication Director Dan Lavore

"Cannes and Friends" allows all the Fans to participate and live the exciting celebrities life!
Produced and created by PromoArt MonteCarlo Production

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