Backstage of Episode 6 of Monaco and Friends!

“Real strong women always have a big heart... discover why by watching the upcoming episode 6 of "Monaco and Friends”!

For now enjoy the backstage of our friendly international Showcase & Talk Show hosted by Ballet Star, Singer, Actress Lorena Baricalla with luxury lifestyle influencer Yulia Berisset aka @_queeny_j and the participation in this episode 6 of Lucille Gomes, Founder of Aua Help Noma Foundation!

It has been so nice to film the introduction of the episode in the most famous streets of Monaco, as the departure of F1 or the harbor.  
The conversation was very enjoyable based on important themes but full of laugh and joy to stay together. 
We are sure that the Fans will really appreciate this new episode.

In the meantime we invite you as well to see all the previous ones on our playlist!

“Monaco and Friends” and “Cannes and Friends” are the new online twin Socials Show about Art, Culture, Fashion and Lifestyle produced by PromoArt MonteCarlo Production. 
Production Director Tino Genovese Communication Director Dan Lavore

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