The interview for Happy Conversation Show

Watch Lorena Baricalla's interview by Happy Bains for Happy Conversation Show!
Her motto is “Living Life with Intensity”!

The article by Happy Bains:

"Lorena Baricalla is a flourishing legend of Monaco on Happy Conversation - iDea Show . It was my honour to document and share her legacy with the World's most beautiful people (You).

In the show, She says the Happiest Lifestyle should be living in the moment. Living with Intensity is to live with passion, sensitivity and joy. Think of mankind and LIVE with an extreme sense and awareness of your purpose. Legendary people have a deep and clear VISION of which they remain intensely aware.

Her preeminent global achievements: During the elite red carpet awards galas, she had passionately performed, worked and appeared with the World's most honourable personalities, such as HSH Prince Albert of Monaco, Golden Globe winner #ArmandAssante, F1 champion #MikaHakkinen, Moto World champion #GiacomoAgostini, F1 Champion #charlesleclerc and the list is unending in the ballet performance areas...

Her favourite word is #Intensity. The quotes are:
Feel and Live life with Intensity
#Think of #Mankind
An artist expresses through the #soul.
We are made of #Light. 
Learn #languages. 
Vision of #Beauty.
See beauty in #Life.
Inner #balance & #Concentration is the key to having a bigger #Vision
Sensitiveness - Empathy - Energy

Universal facts: All planets are dancing in a circular movement. 
Be open-minded and become a bigger vision of ourselves...

Her pure wishes for the World is her pure nectar #SMILE, and her question to the World is: 
What is the question of our life, our path? Who created us?".

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The interview by Happy Bains

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