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Episode 5 of Monaco and Friends

Watch Episode 5 of “Monaco and Friends” hosted by Ballet Star, Actress, Singer Lorena Baricalla with luxury lifestyle influencer Yulia Berisset aka @_queeny_j and the participation [...]

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Photo Shooting in Monaco!

What happens if an international star, a luxury influencer and a fashion huntress meet?Be with us on the set of a photo shooting for “Monaco and Friends” by [...]

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The Backstage of Cannes and Friends Ep. 1!

Discover our backstage at “CANNES and FRIENDS”! We don’t need to be “the Persuaders” to invite you to join us! Discover why by watching the full episode on Lorena [...]

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Happy Birthday !!!

You are All invited to join my Barbie Birthday Party!A Virtual Cheers!!Always look to Life with the amazed eyes of a pure child!#lorenabaricalla #LB #birthday

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Ep.1 - Cannes and Friends !!!

“CANNES and FRIENDS” is the new twin Socials Show with "Monaco and Friends" about Art, Culture, Fashion and Lifestyle! A friendly international Showcase in Cannes hosted by Ballet Star, [...]

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